Retrieving Old Blog Entries

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For the whole day today, I have been trying to retrieve and upload all my previous blog data into this new site. I have managed to import all the data and previous comments in, but I am unable to get back some of the photos from my previous hosting server. Those that are able to appear are hosted in either Flickr or Photobucket. Thank god for that. But those that does not appear are hosted in my previous hosting provider, which sad to say, crashed big time.

So, if you are unable to view some of the photos in my previous entries, well…sorry about that. I guess I may have to dig back into my old photo bank and re-upload all of it again. For now, that is just too much work. Heh. Maybe when I have the time then I would upload all the missing photos again.

For now, I want to read all my old blog entries again, for fun. 🙂

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Article written by K. Azwan

To simply put it, I am a web and graphic designer by profession, a cook by passion, a blogger & photographer by hobby and a bowler by reputation. I am a geek ever since I started using the PC back in the late 80`s. Now I blog and review just to kill time. And because I love writing too.

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