LensaD2 – Sunday Out

I had the opportunity to test out my passion in photography on Sunday and I have to say that I loved it. I’ve been loving photography ever since I was a kid but never had the opportunity to really get into it. The price of an SLR camera that time was really high, and when dSLR type of camera emerges, the price got slightly lower. And now that there are many new entry level dSLR cameras out there, I know I can finally afford one myself.

I am an amateur, still in the learning process but I understand most of the techniques and concept of photography. I don’t have a dSLR camera, but I bought lots and lots of photography magazines just to learn a few tips here and there. I can safely say that I understand the meaning of aperture size (or depth of field), exposure level, focal point, macro shots, shutter speed, ISO level and so on.

So last night, I get to try it all out.

Lunch - Claypot Chicken Rice 120709-pic02

120709-pic06 120709-pic07

120709-pic04 120709-pic05


It’s not much, but I guess it was okay. Hey, it was my first try ok.

I’m so happy ^_^

Note: Shots taken with Canon 1000D DSLR camera.


  1. awesome photos dude!! considering u said ure an amateur, but they’re really good!

  2. Az1

    Ratu Syura: Thank you. I think once you get your dslr camera, you’ll go crazy like I did too. *Ehem*…I’m waiting for your turn now. Hehehe.

  3. and who said we need a DSLR?!These are gorgeous!I only have Lulu Wonderlens a.k.a Panasonic Lumix but I’m happy.

  4. Cool stuff! I really like the top right pic! It looks very pro to me 🙂

  5. i pun tade dSLR but if i got one im sure i wanna learn to shot from u 🙂

  6. d2zone

    Rara: Well, I’m still learning it and I wanna learn from @mllyssa. Dia tu mmg terer.

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