Raya Tweetup 2009 KLCC

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I was looking forward to the day for our lil’ #rayatweetup in KLCC on Sunday, 3rd October 2009. And I’m so glad that I went.

From left: @aisyahkama, @khairul, @bat, @tekong, @kruel74, @naniloveykatz, Me, @rararawr, @rainingheaven, @icednyior, @abdusfauzi and @wfxyz. Not in picture (dah balik): @shamhardy, @azmanishak, @guibooo and @syazaliyana.

Most of us reached KLCC at about 2pm, but I was slightly late because I had to make a detour of picking up @rainingheaven from her home in Cheras. Good thing I had @ronny1976’s car that day. 🙂 Oh yeah, he couldn’t make it to the tweetup because he was in Singapore and I had to babysit his car.

Anyway, after meeting up with the gang, we went up to have our lunch at the food court.


Of all the places, well, I do think the food court is the ideal place to have our lunch la. It’s cheap and more choices for all of us.

All I can say is that, we had a great time meeting up with everyone. I have met a few before during the Al-Rawsha tweetup but this time we get to meet more of awesome new people.

Oh well, I’ll let the photos tell all the thousand words then. 😉











Oh and by the way, this is something that I got as a surprise from @rainingheaven. When @icednyior gave it to me, I was shocked and confused. But I’m very happy with the gift. 🙂


Cute ain’t it?

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  1. eyra Reply

    cute gift!~

  2. rainingheaven Reply

    dearie! update jugak la u ni.. eh, nak cilok gmbr boleh tak? 😀

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