Cobra Jumpack: A Power Bank That Can Jump Start Your Car

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CES 2014 introduced so many new tech stuffs. From a cute mini drone to a huge bendable TV, the future is getting more like what we imagined during the 90’s (except that we don’t have any flying cars yet).

Speaking of cars, have you ever parked in a secluded spot and when you arrived at your car, the car battery died? If you’ve been in this situation before, don’t worry. You can now jump start your car by using a power bank. To be exact, the Cobra Jumpack.


This little device is made by Cobra Electronics and was introduced during the CES2014 that is currently still ongoing in Las Vegas, USA.

Here’s an excerpt from Engadget:

At this year’s CES, Cobra is introducing the JumPack, which it says is a game-changing device for jump-starting — an odd-sounding statement, no doubt, but we have to agree. The 7,500mAh portable JumPack (CPP 7500) looks suspiciously like your run-of-the-mill external smartphone/tablet charger, and it’s the smallest jump-start power pack we’ve come across. It features a 200A starting current and gets up to a peak current of 400A, which is enough to give your car’s battery a few jumps — given that it only takes three to four hours to recharge, it should be more than enough to manage those unfortunate situations in a lonely parking lot. It also comes with a built-in flashlight as well as USB output (2.1A) in case you want to give your smartphone a power boost.

I personally think that this particular device will come in handy in case of emergency. I just hope that it will be made available in Malaysia.

Source: Engadget

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