Pebble Steel – A Solid Upgrade

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At the moment, all tech geeks in Malaysia are glued to the news coming from the largest tech show in Las Vegas. The Consumer Electronic Show 2014, better known as CES is currently going on with lots of new tech gadgets being revealed. I kept myself well updated, because well, I’m a tech geek too. But one of the gadgets being revealed is the Pebble Steel smartwatch. This I like!


My best buddy, Ronny, owns the first generation Pebble smartwatch and it didn’t appeal to me much because of its plastic casing with rubber strap. But yes, the Pebble is an excellent smartwatch to own as opposed to Galaxy Gear. I prefer the Pebble than to Galaxy Gear anyway because of the simplicity and functions. No point owning an Android based phone and then buying an Android based smartwatch for you to wear. Kinda overkill right?

Back to the Pebble. The new Pebble Steel looks really good. The USD$100 upgrade from the first generation Pebble is worth it. What they did was upgrading the software and apps, and then cover the Pebble with solid steel casing and it comes either with a steel strap for a good match, or a leather strap for a nice premium feel. The Pebble Steel comes in two colours, silver and black.


Towards the end of January, Pebble will be launching their own app store for the users. The app store is basically where users can go to in order to download an update, skins/themes for their watch faces as well as other goodies.

Watch the Pebble Steel announcement video:

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Article written by K. Azwan

To simply put it, I am a web and graphic designer by profession, a cook by passion, a blogger & photographer by hobby and a bowler by reputation. I am a geek ever since I started using the PC back in the late 80`s. Now I blog and review just to kill time. And because I love writing too.

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    wah i like this watch

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