The One and Only

Project365 #2: The One and Only

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The One and Only

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Project365 – Day 2.

Often, we would go by our day forgetting that we are not alone in the world who fails, who stumble, who feels miserable. There are always someone who is far worse than us, but they got up as soon as they were beaten down. And having to fight each day for survival in the modern world, we get knocked down many times over but those who bounce back will succeed. So  looking back at ourselves, we are not the only one who goes by each day fighting. But while doing so, we must not forget the only One.

Location: Shah Alam, Selangor.

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Article written by K. Azwan

To simply put it, I am a web and graphic designer by profession, a cook by passion, a blogger & photographer by hobby and a bowler by reputation. I am a geek ever since I started using the PC back in the late 80`s. Now I blog and review just to kill time. And because I love writing too.

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