I Got My Ubuntu CDs!

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For about 3 weeks or so I have been waiting for my (free) original copy of Ubuntu live and installation CD from the developer. Now it’s finally here.

I was checking my mailbox this morning to find an envelope containing the CDs. I’m so happy.

I know I can download the ISO file for the live and installation CD from the internet but owning an original CD is better. In fact, I did downloaded the ISO file and burned it onto a CD-R. I did test it out but I downloaded the normal 32-bit version. My laptop is a 64-bit machine and I decided not to download again. I ordered the free CDs instead. CDs, plural. Yes, I ordered 2 CDs. One is 32-bit version and the other is 64-bit version.

The envelope it came in.

The two CDs.

It even came with its stickers. Nice.

The yellow one is for 64-bit and the red one is for 32-bit machine.

The Ubuntu version 7.0.4 does not work well with some PCs and laptops. But this Ubuntu version 7.1.0 which is the latest works very well with my office PC and my laptop. It is so easy to use. Seamless installation and loading, user friendly and all the hardwares works perfectly. Even my USB WiFi dongle works very well.

I did a review on Ubuntu in my previous blog post. But I’ll review it again today just on the new 7.1.0 version without the detailed history and descriptions of it. You can read on that in my previous blog post.

Ubuntu’s desktop. I had to grab from Ubuntu.com coz I didn’t do my own screenshots.

Like I said, the previous version has a few problems detecting newer hardware(s). The latest version however is very up-to-date with it’s hardware detection. The update process is much faster, but that also depends on the internet connection speed. I have experience with the slow and lagging software updates from the older 7.0.4 version. I don’t know what was wrong with it, it was just too slow. But the new one works better, and faster, and this has nothing to do what the internet speed.

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Nice GUI.

Cool Window flips.

They even changed the wallpaper. But that’s just the GUI. Many other bells and whistles has been included in the new version. I’ve yet to try them all out. If you wish to update any of the installed softwares, it can easily be done by using the software update functions. Same goes with installing new softwares. It is already bundled with Firefox web browser, Open Office for your work, GIMP as your image editing program, Pidgin as your multi IM software (known as GAIM in version 7.0.4) and few other useful day-to-day softwares.

To me it is just like a Mac machine. The out-of-the-box type of operating system. Say you buy a new PC with pre-installed Ubuntu OS, all you do is just go home, unpack, switch on and you can do just about anything. No need to install your softwares. In Windows, you only have the OS installed. Then you have to install Photoshop or Paint.net for image editing, Microsoft Office for office software or you even have to download Open Office first before you can start using it. You have to install your web browser (IE is not that good anymore. Besides, you have to download the latest update for IE too).

It’s just too much hassle. Ubuntu is easier.

But, having said all that. Windows still remains as my primary OS. Why? Coz I need my games. That’s probably the ONLY reason why I stick on using Windows. Sure, Mac machines now supports Windows games, but Macs are (extremely) expensive. But we’re not talking about Macs here today. Ubuntu has a few bundled games. But I want to be able to play games like Half life 2, Quake 4, Supreme Commander and a few other latest 3D games. Too bad Ubuntu or Linux can’t support that yet. Once it can, I’ll definitely change my primary OS.

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In the meantime, I will keep Ubuntu as my secondary OS with dual-boot function. The GUI is beautiful, the system is stable and overall performance is great. Best of all, its FREE!

Check it out at www.ubuntu.com

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