Conquering The Straits of Gibraltar

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Congratulations to Dr Lennard Lee for his amazing feat yesterday by conquering the Straits of Gibraltar, dubbed as the Mt Everest of open-water swimming in terms of difficulty.


Previously, he also made us Malaysians proud by conquering the English Channel. And yesterday, he made us proud again by not only being the first Malaysian to swim across the Straits of Gibraltar, but also possibly the first Asian.

He was not the only one who conquered the Straits yesterday, he went along with his two university mates, Nicholas Berry and Harry Fisher. They managed to swin across the 22km Straits within 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Although the distance of the Straits of Gibraltar is shorter by about 11.5km than the English Channel, it is definitely more challenging. The waters in and around the Straits are very choppy and the temperature can drop to about 15 degrees celcius. There were lots of fishing boats around them but thankfully they managed to keep out of the way. There were sharks and killer whales too.

By the way, they were not wearing wetsuits to keep their body warm. They went in the waters in the most traditional way, not naked but only with trunks, goggles and swimming cap.

So, congrats again to Dr Lennard Lee and his buddies for the amazing accomplishment.

More news can be found here.


The Straits of Gibraltar separates Europe and Africa, situated between Spain and Morocco. The Straits connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediteraniean Sea.

On the northern side of the Strait is Spain and Gibraltar, while on the southern side is Morocco and Ceuta, a Spanish exclave in North Africa. Its boundaries were known in antiquity as the Pillars of Hercules. There are several small islands, such as the disputed Isla Perejil, that are claimed by both Spain and Morocco.



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