WiMAX Launch Today…but

WiMAX is expected to launch today.

Michael Lai, the Chief Executive Officer of Packet One (P1) Berhad said that the company will officially roll out its first stage of WiMax services which will cover the Klang Valley in around KLCC, Setapak, Sentul, Gombak and some areas of Subang. Prices for the services ranges from RM60 to RM100 depending on the speed of the broadband internet access. He said “We intend to be a regional player. We have been talking to some new WiMAX licensees in the region and are exploring opportunities for potential collaborations,”



Only few coverage areas? Waitaminute…isn’t WiMAX’s coverage is within 100km radius or something? What are they launching anyway? WiMAX or WiFi?

If it’s truly a WiMAX, then those who are within 100km radius of KLCC should be able to get the signal. Right? I’m in Damansara area, and KLCC to Damansara is way less than 100km. So I should be able to get WiMAX too. But why the limited coverage?

This is so sad. Most of us have been waiting for WiMAX for a long time already, and these people have been delaying their services too many times already. And finally when they are ready to launch, I don’t see it as WiMAX, more like juiced up WiFi only.

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Guess we have to wait again…