Tales of the Two "i"s

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Which would you choose between these two:

iPhone or iPod Touch?

I’m directing this to fellow Malaysians since iPhone is NOT officially available in Malaysia, but iPod Touch is.

My point? I’ve come across friends and people who owns the iPhone, obviously the “cracked” version. But why would they spent lots of money on something that doesn’t really work to its 100% capability?

Well, they obviously want to have the coolest gadget to-date, with all its bells and whistles like built-in WiFi and 3G for web surfing, music player, video player, complete organizer, photo storage, cool games and many more. But us Malaysians don’t really get 100% of its functionality. Okay, so the phone and sms function works too, but I understand that it’s completely unreliable due to the device being “cracked”.

If you like all the bells and whistles that comes with it, why not invest on the cheaper iPod Touch instead? It is fully functional, fully supported by Apple Malaysia and all the things in iPhone are inside the iPod Touch too, minus the phone function.

If I were to choose between the two, I’d choose the iPod Touch. I already have a phone to do all the calling and smses. I just need a gadget to keep and play all my multimedia files, games, photos, to use as a PIM (Personal Information Manager or better known as organizer), browse the web with its built-in WiFi, plus I can download all the cool and latest apps directly from Apple Store via iTunes or directly from the device itself.

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Bottom line is, at least I know that the iPod Touch is 100% fully functional, and cheaper too. I still don’t see why some people are willing to spend on something that is not fully functional.

I guess it’s the coolness of owning it.

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