Update! Finally!

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After almost a month without any update, feels like a really long time. But then, this update will be short and simple.

I’ve yet to upload some of the photos that I took while I participated in the Canon Goes Green campaign few weeks ago. It was a good event by Canon in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) effort. I hope more corporate sectors would hold such event in making the world a better place. Geena and I even planted a few trees during the event. Ok, not exactly big trees, small ones, err…dunno whatcha call it. Baby trees? Nvm…

Once I get a chance to add that article in here, I will definitely do it. Just that I am tied to work and I don’t have much Internet time in the office nowadays. I hope to finish one of my project soon so that I can subscribe to Streamyx at home.

Lunch time almost over, so I better cabuts now…

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