What Do I Think of P1 W1MAX?

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I think it’s good.

I have been evaluating the P1 W1MAX for more than 2 weeks already. And so far the connection and the reliability of the service has been satisfactory. I can safely say now that I am going to subscribe to P1’s W1MAX service as full time subscriber.

During the first week of my testing, the connection, or rather the coverage in my area was not that good. I was getting the orange light (means moderate coverage reception) all the time. But even with that orange light, the speed I’m getting was more than satisfactory. Pages loads quickly, downloads are fast, and the response was fast too. But after the second week, that’s when I’ve been getting the green light, about 90% of the time. And from then on, the speed is much faster and better reliability.I have been reading the unofficial forum thread regarding the P1 W1MAX here.

In the forum, I’ve learnt many tips on how to make the connection better, for instance, to point the modem towards the nearest coverage area. That means, if you’re on the borderline of the coverage area, you can still get a good signal reception. Of course, when using an internet line, you sure want to use it with more than 1 PC right? What’s good about the modem is that you can add a router to it so that you can share your internet connection with your friends and families. I want to share the internet connection, so I also bought a wireless router. One tip that you should remember when using a router is that, you must place the router as far as possible from the P1 modem. This is because some of the cheaper wireless routers tends to “leech” the wireless signal from the modem. This will cause slower transfer rate from the router to your PC. All this tips and info can also be found in the forum.

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I was having problems with the transfer rate between the modem, router and my laptop. Only after I read the recommended tips from the forum that I find out to place the router as far away from the modem. I did that, and almost immediately the speed went up to the max. So now I have no problem sharing the connection with other users and still getting the fast internet connection.

Ok, lets check out the speed. Check out the screenshots below:

The speed from SpeedTest.net.

The speedtest shows 1199kbps as the download speed and 421kbps as the upload speed. It is considered fast as I have tested an internet connection using Streamyx (with 3.6Mb/s package) and it went up to only 900++ kbps.

373 KB/s download speed? Even I was shocked to see the speed.

Btw…that file took less than 40 seconds to download.

Now, I’m sure you also want to know how the torrent download speed is like right?

140.2 kb/s for a torrent download. Not bad.

And I thought the speed won’t be that high for torrent files on this P1 network.

Anyway, all I can say for the P1 W1MAX is that, I am happy. I am now your full time subscriber and I hope you can still improve on the area of coverage. The place I’m at now have a good reception, but in case if I go back to my parents place in Klang, I hope to have a good reception there too. And I’m also looking forward to its nationwide coverage in future. When that happens, I’m sure P1 will gain more subscribers.

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Just keep up the good work.

I also want to know what others think of P1’s W!MAX service. I’m sure there’s a few negative statement on the WiMAX services. Good or bad, let’s share the experience with others.

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14 thoughts on “What Do I Think of P1 W1MAX?

  1. Tian Chad: I’m using it in Kota Damansara area.

    Josh: Great. I will check it out after you blog about it.

  2. wad package are u using?
    can the router they provide connect to our own wireless router? becos i wan to have multiple users at home

  3. Leong: I’m using the 1.2 Mbps package (Plus Plan). Yes, you can connect your own wireless router to the P1 modem, but make sure you put the wireless router and the P1 modem as far away from each other as possible. Otherwise there will be a signal mix-up and that can slow down your connection.

  4. Another general tip for using wireless router, you can set the channel for the wireless router to use Channel 7 or 8 for optimum reliability. Mine is set to 8.

  5. i am not sure whether this p1 will give good services or not. just like maxis broadband. it’s wuite fast at the early stage btu when all started to use it, slow giler. haha

  6. Just got back from a month long stay Singapore and it saddens me to say that they are light years ahead. Was staying with some friends, and they have blazingly fast connection…we’re talking downloading at 1700KB/sec!!! Wohoo….totally excited, did so much downloading but now that i’m back here, got to make do with the crap that we’re being served 🙁 Imagine…700MB in like 10 mins!

  7. @ d86

    wow… fabulous! but, err… is it indeed 1700KBps or 1700Kbps? what type of connection is that? ADSL2? WiMAX? or simply a dedicated lease line?

  8. Hi, I just got to know your blog. I am planning to get the P1 desktop modem and I live in kota damansara too. Casa Indah condo! Do you live near there? Could you pls advice me on the stability and speed? I mainly use it to video call using skype. Thank you very much. Email me if you dont mind. Cheers!

  9. emm…
    hello every1…
    i’ll juz get straight to the point… =.=”
    my current w1max plan is office standard(1.2mb),
    and i’m having a problem with the speed…
    what i mean was, my w1max won’t run smoothly…(the speed won’t reach maximum) =.=”
    and it’ll only work finely at midnite…(12am++)
    why is this happening?
    my area should had a good coverage…
    i get orange line most of the time…(up to 300kbs++)
    but not at max speed, am i been cheated?
    or is something wrong?
    can any1 tell me how 2 fix this problem plz?

  10. Adrian Ong,

    I usually get a good connection (green light) all the time, and I’m not even in the coverage area. My location is somewhere near the border, just outside of the coverage area but still get a green light and fast speed.

    Maybe the area you are at receives many simultaneous connections, meaning lots of other people are connected to the Wimax access point at your location at one time. Or, maybe the signal is not that strong.

    One thing you can do is to try various pointing directions for the modem or place it in a different location around in your house. That’s what I did to get my green light. Try and place the modem anywhere else in your house, turn it around and look for the “signal spot”. You will get the green light when it’s pointing at the right direction.

    Try it first. Hope that helps.

  11. firstly…
    thanks Az1 for replying me…
    that i had already try…
    again i try this time, results is still the same…
    my current speed only -15kbs(current time 10:22pm)!!! T_T
    i had to agree that, yes w1max is fast, no waiting, good connection…
    but all that only happen when u get full speed right?
    there is no point if u surf the net with less than 300bks… T_T
    my top priority is max speed no waiting…
    my connection speed drop at 1pm like that…
    but speed may reach 500kbs++ at 12am…
    and 1.1mb++ at 2am or later…
    so now u know what i mean?
    i can’t stay all nite just for gaming or net-surfing(working at 6am)… =.=”
    by the way, does the weather got something to do with the connection speed?
    coz my fren(who apply w1max for me) said before w1max is not yet stable…
    “ur w1max won’t respond when it’s raining” that’s what he told me…
    so i think i wanna hear ur opinion…
    oh ya, my w1max came in just a week…

  12. @ Average Joe

    I should think its 1700kbps. My cable broadband in SG is 100MBps and I’m getting average of abt 2500~3000kbps when I’m doing multiple chunks downloads.

    I’m setting up base here in PJ for work and have had horrible experience with Maxis mobile broadband. Anyone can advise a good broadband service for me here in PJ @ Tropicana for a speed junkie like me. I’m already having withdrawal symtoms from the lack of fast broadband…

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