BMW Sauber and 2009 F1

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I have been a fan of Formula 1 ever since the first Malaysian GP back in 1999. And also since then, I have been a fan of Malaysia’s very “own” F1 team, the then Sauber Petronas, or now known as BMW Sauber.

Petronas didn’t want to be left out of the F1 scene when Peter Sauber decided to sell his team to BMW, so Petronas retain their presence in F1 as the premium sponsor for the new BMW Sauber team. Their best result was last year in 2008 when they finished 3rd in the constructors championship and their first GP win as BMW Sauber when Robert Kubica won the Canadian GP.

bmw-sauber-3 bmw-sauber-2

I didn’t get to go to Sepang to watch the Malaysian GP the other day, but I guess I’m lucky that I didn’t. The race was stopped after the heavy downpour and most of the spectators were totally drenched. Like I have been saying, better watch the race from the comfort of your own living room. But I do want to experience the race live while being at the circuit itself.

I know that the Advertlets guy, Josh, was there in Sepang on raceday but I don’t know whether he got drenched or not. But I know he took loads of “good” photos. 😉

So this years’ F1 race will be something to look forward to. And since the (very) new Brawn GP team is in the lead thanks to the double win by Jensen Button, we can look forward to a great race to the top ahead. Come to think of it, Ferrari is nowhere near the top 5. Hmmm….

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