Tiring Saturday and Rejuvenating Sunday

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It is a rather tiring weekend for me. First off, I was out on Friday night till late. Woke up late on Saturday morning for work (work starts at 9am) but thankfully I have a flexible working hours on Saturdays. So I came in at 11am, that means I had to stay on till 4-5pm, up to me to stay longer or not, actually, I did stay longer to use the Net.

When I say tiring, I really mean tiring becoz I have to rely on public transportation for now. So imagine me in the morning waking up late and still half asleep, walking for about 1km to the bus station, and then trying to keep my eyes open for the whole day in the office and when it’s time to go home, waited for the bus at Pasar Seni for half hour, hop on the bus and the bus ride took about 1 and a half hour to reach PJ area. The bus driver was driving like a mad man, that kept me awake but at the same time, got me dizzy in the bus plus it’s hot and stuffy. Upon reaching Damansara Uptown area, I really feel like throwing up so I decided to get off in Uptown for a quick dinner. It was about 7pm-ish so it was a good timing for dinner.

I had Tony’s char kuey teow which I haven’t had for the longest time. It was good. The bus-ride-dizzyness was gone and I hop on the next bus home. Thank goodness the other bus is nicely air-conditioned and the driver was driving smoothly. I’m glad I stopped in Uptown for dinner. When I reached home and without delay, I took a shower and sleep!

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The next morning was rather pleasant. Woke up late from a very comfortable sleep, it felt good. Then I received an SMS from Lina asking me where is a good malay food to eat on a Sunday afternoon. The first place that came to mind was Restoran Baloh in Damansara Perdana so she came over and pick me up for lunch. Head towards Baloh but the restaurant was closed. We had to rethink of a nice place to eat after that. So we decided to venture into Kg Sg Penchala and really do a Jalan-jalan Cari Makan style.

And guess what, in Kg Sg Penchala, we found a restaurant, or gerai, …wait…it’s too big to be called a gerai (stall) and it’s too small to be called a restaurant, so let’s call it “getoran” just for the fun of it. Hehehe. Fine. I think that “getoran” has to most selection / variety of lauk I have ever seen this year. If I were to count how many varieties, I think there’s easily more than 50 types of lauk there.

I should have taken some photos of the place, but I was too hungry and excited seeing the food there that I forgot about taking the photos. The best thing you can have there is the Ikan Bakar (grilled fish-taken by Lina). It was really good…especially the sauce. Even the stuffing for the fish is excellent. Other than the ikan bakar, there is a green chili sambal which taste really good too. It is mixed together with petai and a little bit of belacan. All and all, my lauk with rice was curry chicken, pucuk paku, green chili sambal and lemak jantung pisang. Like I said, Lina had the ikan bakar so I “curi” some from her.

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For the price? It was reasonable. I remember having extra rice and lots of lauk, and it cost me only RM6 plus my soya bean drink. Whaa?! That’s cheap considering that I took a lot of stuffs, ok, only 4 varieties of lauk but in large portions each. Not bad, I don’t mind having lunch there again.

Too bad I can’t remember the name of that “getoran” but the direction is pretty simple. If you’re from Taman Tun Dr Ismail, head towards Kg Sg Penchala / Penchala link highway. At the traffic light with the new Rasta place on your left, go straight into Kg Sg Penchala, reach another traffic light turn left and immediately you’ll see a Masjid on your right. The “getoran” is the one right next to the Masjid.


After lunch I went home and do nothing else but watch DivX movies that I’ve downloaded, which was AVP and Austin Powers’ Goldmember. Wanted to watch Heroes season 3 but I think I’ll wait till I’ve downloaded all the episodes, that goes for Supernatural too. Maybe tonight I’ll watch Lord of The Ring again. Hmmm…

Update: I found out the restaurant’s name, it’s called Restoran Sambal Hijau (so that was what I had) and you can view its location in Wikimapia, click here to see the map.

p/s: I’ll do my best to remember to take photos when I go to places like this…promise.

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3 thoughts on “Tiring Saturday and Rejuvenating Sunday

  1. On the bright side.. at least you get that 1km walk everyday. Now that is a bonus point. 🙂

    That was cheap, considering that 4 lauks and soya bean. Hehe.

    Happy blogging n have a great day.

    Yeah, i have to agree with Ronny. Pics would have made me terliur tgk lauks tuu semua kot. hehe.

  2. Rizal: That 1km walk do help me to reduce weight, which I am thankful for. The food at the restoran is really good and relatively cheap, just masa tu I tengok lauk banyak giler so tak tahu apa nak pilih. But worth the trip la. This weekend nak pegi lagi. Hehehe. And yes…next time I will try and remember to take photos. Sure terliur nyer.

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