Evaluating Opera 10 Beta 1 – Initial Findings

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First off, I love downloading and evaluating new or updated softwares. Today, I am evaluating the new Opera 10 Beta 1 browser, which was released just two days ago on Tuesday.

I downloaded the new Opera this morning and installed it immediately. This is what I found on my first day of evaluation.

My first impression was, beautiful user interface design. I love the toolbar and the navigation bar.


It almost looked a little bit like Google’s Chrome browser. But this time around, the whole browser looks really elegant and smooth. Version 9 also has a great looking interface, more towards the shiny look. I like this one better.

Opera also comes with the Speed Dial function. I also use this function in Firefox, but I have to install the plug-in for that. Speed dial in Opera is nice, and the whole idea of Speed Dial is a brainchild of Opera themselves. Really nice. I even changed the background for it.


In version 10, there is a new function called Opera Turbo. Here’s what it is:

Opera Turbo is a server-side optimization and compression technology that speeds up data transfer and to reduces the amount of data that needs to be downloaded in order to view the page by up to 80%.

Source: Opera.com

You can know if you are in the Turbo mode when you see a speed-o-meter on the bottom left side of your browser in red.


Now here’s a glitch for me. I have quite a fast internet connection in the office. When I turn on this feature and load up my blog site (of any other site), this is what happens:

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First up, my background seems to be loaded in 256-colors mode, something like .gif format isn’t it? At first I thought that it is still being loaded or something and then I waited again. The status bar showed that it is still loading and that whole process took a long time to finish. I finally give up after waiting for a good 5 minutes. Secondly, my pictures are not loaded, no matter how many times I reload the page. This is really disappointing. So, in Turbo mode I won’t be able to get the good result in quality? Is it because the server side optimization is at work and that the compression technology takes out the quality too? Well, this is not good.

After that, I decide to turn off the Turbo feature and I get really fast loading speed. I guess if you already have a fast internet connection, don’t turn on the Turbo mode.

Overall, I love the interface, I love the loading time (without Turbo) and the stability is great. No crashes so far. Come to think of it, I haven’t experience any system crashes while using Opera since version 9. That’s good then.

Ok then, this is just the initial findings review by me on Opera 10. I will be using this browser for this coming week and see how well it fares against Firefox. Till then, happy browsing.

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