PJ Challenge Bloggers Karnival 2009 – The Review

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Now I have the time for the full review….finally!

S/W Ver: 98.30.80R

As you may already know, I was at the PJ Challenge Bloggers “K”arnival in Jaya33 on 20 June 2009. The event starts around 10am but I had to go to the office first, coz unfortunately I work on Saturdays. But I did left the office early around 12noon so that I don’t miss the bloggers 411 class at 1pm, and of course, not missing the lunch too. ^_^

S/W Ver: 98.30.80R

Lunch was awesome. Catering services was by The Big Rajah Indian cuisine restaurant. Typically and naturally good. But honestly, I seldom see sweet and sour fish in Indian dishes. Hmm…

S/W Ver: 98.30.80R

The main sponsor for the event was Kaspersky. Hence the “K” in the Karnival spelling and it’s not a typo error. I have heard a lot about Kaspersky products during the recent months. I have even downloaded the trial version software just to see how it is like. I can say that it is quite reliable in terms of protection against unwanted “visitors” in your system. But of course, to utilise the full potential of the product, I would have to buy it.

Then off to the bloggers 411 class. This class was aimed at intermediate and advanced bloggers who wants to improve their blogging skills. Speakers for this sessions comprises of some of the prominent young bloggers in the country such as Kenny Sia, Josh Lim, Niki Cheong, Ellie Chee, Soon Wei and Amanda Choe, to name a few.

S/W Ver: 98.30.80R

During the event, they also had a live blogging challenge where the first place winner gets the new Acer Timeline notebook and the second place winner gets the new Acer AspireOne netbook. I think Acer is slowly picking up the pace again especially with their new notebook and netbook line ups. The Timeline notebook is one of the thinnest notebook I have ever seen, not including the MacBook Air.

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The eventual winner for the Acer Timeline notebook is Josh of MoJosh.com and the second place winner is… *ehem*.


Anyway, back to the classroom. The attendance for the class was like almost a full house. Actually it was quite full.

S/W Ver: 98.30.80R

Some of the attendees were not only listening to the speakers’ speech, but also involved in the live blogging challenge and some are taking tons of photos.

S/W Ver: 98.30.80R

Rames of Rames Studios and Jason of smashpOp, who were also the speakers during the event, showed their more-towards-the-graphical-type of blogsite. They emphasized more towards graphics designs and tutorials, either on using Adobe Photoshop or photography. But I was impressed by their work and dedication in graphics design. (maybe becoz I’m a graphic designer too?)

S/W Ver: 98.30.80R

Towards the end of the class session, they had a Knock Out challenge as well where the winner and runner up would also win the new Acer notebook and netbook respectively. The idea is to answer a question quickly and you’re through to the next round. The catch is, in a group of 5, you have to answer correctly and quickly to get through, the rest of the contestants are then eliminated. That’s why they called it the Knock Out challenge.

The eventual winner for the Acer Timeline notebook is Gloson Teh, the kid you see in the picture above. Second place goes to a guy from BloggerUnited (I forgot his name, sorry man..).

The class session ends around 3:45pm and we were adjourned to the lobby for the prize giving ceremony.

S/W Ver: 98.30.80R

The crowd at the lobby was also happening. While waiting for the prize giving ceremony for some of the other earlier events, some of the kids were trying out the new Acer Timeline notebooks and netbooks. It was a lot of fun looking at them playing with the games on the laptops. Heh. Kids will be kids.

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That would be me on the left with Josh Lim, Vignesh Raja and James Quah after the prize giving ceremony. ^_^

Event ended at around 6pm.

p/s: View my live blogging blog entry that I did during the event.

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