PJ Challenge Bloggers Karnival 2009

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3:45pm – Session ends. The winner will be announced later downstairs at the lobby at 5pm during the prize giving ceremony.

People going on stage to take their certificates of attendance, I took mine from Kenny Sia. Wanna take photo with him after this.

3:40pm – Now it’s the final two. Between the kid and another dude.


The dude gives a good answer to why people blog. He said, “coz people wants attention.” Kenny was pissed at that. LOL.

The kid gives a good answer too, “Becoz people wants to share things with others”. Nice.

3:37pm – Final four at the moment.

The kid moves on to the final two. Will he win the laptop? We’ll see.

3:35pm – Now a challenge between a dude and a kid. Who will win?


And the kid won!!! For his answer of “Widget”. Question was, what enhancement can be done to a blog site.

3:33pm – Cam whore! That’s the answer for the latest question. You think for yourselves on what the question is.

3:30pm – All 10 finalist are on stage now. Who will win the prize?


There are 2 people on stage for the KO round. The question is, what does ABM stands for? That’s the Association of Backpackers Malaysia. (not Bloggers).

3:27pm – Now already got 8 winners who are eligible for the final round.

The word “blog” comes from the word…..web-log!

3:25pm – What does KIS stands for?


Kaspersky Internet Security.

3:23pm – Next question. What does PJU stands for? Eh? Whaa? Petaling Jaya Utara? I didn’t know that. LOL.

3:20pm – Programs that are secretly installed in the pc is called?



3:18pm – What is the URL for MBPJ’s website? hmm…even I don’t know this. Kaspersky’s website? That guy got it wrong? Hmm.

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3:16pm – First 5 contestant are up on stage. One guy got it, he’s now waiting for the rest.


3:15pm – People are now lining up to participate in the K.O quiz contest to win themselves a nice Acer netbook or notebook. This should be fun.

3:05pm – Pre event blogging competition prize giving ceremony. One web url called cilakah.blogspot.com just won a prize. (cilakak? cilaka?) What a name for a blog site.

3:00pm – Question and answer session. Just mostly on the advertising side of blogging in Malaysia, directed to Josh. Malaysia is gaining popularity in this area.


2:55pm – What makes a good Blogger? Everyone wants to know that. A blog that is updated often is a good example. Malaysian reads 1 – 2 books per year. But what I think, blogs are being read alot more.

Another tip of being a good blogger is to link to other blogs, especially to those what you love reading. You can increase your traffic from the track-backs. You can also gain traffic from the comments that you give in other people’s blog.

2:50pm – Bending the rules in blogs. Some guy who updates his blog 3-5 times a day. But still get traffic of more than 200 visitors per day.

Food blogs or any other commercial entity can also bring in traffic. One good example is by Emila of www.emilayusuf.com. Comments are readers good engagement with the blogger.

2:45pm – Soon Wei advices that good content can get more traffic. The real thing about blogging is to give an honest write up. Comments are also an important thing in a bloggers’ traffic. Can also be a good boost in their ego knowing that there are people reading their blogs.

Looking at Soon Wei’s video ad in this website. Check it out, its’ funny.

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2:35pm – Now is a talk by Josh Lim and Soon Wei of www.josh.my and www.soonwei.com respectively.

Yes, that photo of a guy kena electric shock in the background is Soon Wei.

Josh Lim introduces himself, no need also can actually.

2:25pm – Niki is also a journalist with TheStar’s [R.age]. His talk is mostly on how media departments use the internet as the mode of sending out information to the public. His department, Rage, is using twitter as their mainstream publication in sending out message to the public.

TheStar is looking at Twitter and blogs as the new publication media. That can be easy and good, as it is more “free” for the public.


The new thing that he’s been doing is that he do travelblog, just like Kenny Sia and Nicole of nicolekiss.blogspot.com


2:20pm – Now a talk by Niki Cheong.


2:10pm – Perverts! Ellie got some guy on her webcam once where a pervert was actually naked and of course, shocked her. But her cheeky self said to him, “LOL, so small!”. That was a good one Ellie.


Take note on the background photo, that guy was actually showing his “thing” to her in the webcam. She did a smart thing, she captured the screen and keep his photo to publish to the world. Good on you girl!


2:03pm – Now it’s time for the female bloggers, missycheerio.blogspot.com and theoppositeofchocolate.blogspot.com, Ellie and Amanda respectively.


2:00pm – Before closing their talk, they want to show us their famous “jump” which is also featured in their blog sites.



Looks more like a kung-fu fighting. But cool in a way.

1:55pm – More on their graphical arts on their blogs. Like I said earlier, most of their blog are about graphic designs. Advice from Rames, see what you are good at and try and improve that. Their specialties are Photoshopping their photos. I do that too. ^_^

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1:50pm – They are true designers. Their blog sites are really the graphical types and photos.

Jason also introduces his website.

Rames introduced his websie, rames.blogspot.com

1:45pm – Rames of Rames Studio together with Jason of Smashpop are having a talk right now. Talking about how they started blogging, how it all started. Both of them are designers, so most of their blog contents are photos from some of the event they attended.

1:40pm – Twitter vs Blogging. The difference is, Twitter is like SMS, blogging is like email, according to Kenny.

1:30pm – Talking about “blog fights”. This happened between two bloggers before. Nothing good comes from having a blog fight with anyone. No use of spreading lies when accusing or being attacked for your blog posts. Kenny said, time is the best healer for any bad things or any trouble with the law for your blog post.


The two blog wars. Dawn Yang vs Xia Xue.

1:20pm – Kenny Sia is the first one who start the show of blogging. The subject is about the Bloggers’ lifecycle. How he started blogging, was only as a hobby and had to go through hard times, even with his parents. They told him to quit blogging but he refuse to do so. At last, he didn’t give up, keep on blogging and now known as one of the best blogger in the country.



1.oopm – The event started and I saw Kenny Sia!


Arrived at the event at around 12 noon and the first thing I did was lunch. Now for the live blogging updates.

Jaya33 building in PJ.

I did had a nice lunch.

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