Reminiscing Damansara Uptown

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I did a lot of walking these past few weeks. Along the way I sometimes stopped by at some places where I can find food. Most of the times I would stop by at D’sara Uptown hawker centre simply because it is located along my travel route back home although I am taking the public transportation. So if or when I’m hungry, I would stop in Uptown for my dinner.

Last night was one of the nights that I stopped at Uptown. And this time I wanna blog about it.

I work in the heart of KL, Petaling Street to be exact. It is also known as China Town, simply because most of the traders there are Chinese and the place is famous for imitation stuffs.

Anyway, I usually got off work around 6pm or 7pm, depending on my mood. I would take the bus from the station near Central Market and hop on the Rapid bus U88 heading towards Kota Damansara. Along the way, it crosses Bangsar and Kerinchi and onto the Federal Highway from the University exit.

Some 20 minutes later, I would arrive near Damansara Utama area, again, that depends on the traffic. If it is badly jammed, then it would take about 40 minutes to reach Damansara Utama. I got off at Uptown, just in-front of TM Point which is behind Starbucks. I chose to get off there because it is somewhat safer, and more people walking about. I don’t want to get mugged while walking through some dark alley at the other end. So Starbucks area is comfortable enough.

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Then I head on to the “new” Uptown hawker centre, and the crowd is not like how it used to be. Back then when it was newly opened, it was the “in” place to be. Usually it would be very packed at night with people rushing in for dinner or supper. Some would have to wait a while just to get a place to sit. I remember it being packed with oceans of people. They even had that bundle stalls along the road. And yes, the road would be very badly jammed up at night.

But nowadays, it is no longer packed.

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I used to remember Uptown hawkers back in the late 1990’s. They were all stalls, lined up by the road side opposite of Hong Leong Bank, right from the beginning of the road until the end towards Starbucks. They were famous for their awesome food like Tony’s Char Kuey Teow, Western foods made by Steven’s corner, Ah Fatt’s Chee Cheong Fun, tauhu bakar, fried oyster, nasi lemak panas and even the basic mamak food such as roti canai and thosai. Some of those hawkers are still there, some have gone somewhere else. I used to hangout at the stalls until late night, past midnight and sometimes until wee hours of the morning. Even when the “new” Uptown was established and “happening”, I went there almost everyday.

Those were the glory days. The glory days of Damansara Uptown.

But having said all that, I’d like to say a big thank you to Steven’s western corner for still being part of Uptown hawkers. I just love his western food dishes. And also to the ever so awesome Fish Head Curry stall, next to Sulaiman’s corner (now changed name, and I forgot the name), your fish head curry is still THE best.

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Although Uptown is not that popular anymore, it will always be one of my choices for simple dining, especially it being along my daily traveling route nowadays.

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