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Last weekend, I went for a dinner with friends at Rasta. Been a while since the 4 of us got together. There is only the 4 of us, but most of the time, two of them would be flying off somewhere because of their work. Shah and Timmy are working with MAS, hence the reason of their usual absence. And Timmy stays all the way in Bagan Lalang, which is very far away from us but to him, it’s closer to work.

Now when the 4 of us get together, we can get really crazy. Actually, crazy is an understatement. LOL.

Anyway, I got some photos to share…

While on the way to Rasta.

This is Rasta, but we sat in this Khemah rather than outside in the crowd.

Ron impersonating a Dragon…hmm…

This is not an impersonation of a Dragon, but more of a…err…nevermind.

Nice close-up to the fire.

Shah is spending most of the time playing with the Pod.

If not the Pod, he’ll be digging the coconut instead.

Now that’s Timmy, always being so playful. (Mind you that he’s the eldest among the 4 of us).

More of this to come. There’s always next weekend for us to get loose and crazy again. I just hope that Shah and Timmy is not elsewhere in another country. We are planning for a BBQ end of this month. So definitely more craziness to come…and lots of photos as well.

Additional pictures are also in my Facebook photo album.

Dining at Station 1

Last night I had dinner at Station 1, and the food is simply delicious. I think the Grilled Chicken Chop Rice is really good, with nice tender chicken and awesome black pepper sauce. At first I thought it would be just like any other grilled chicken chop but after tasting it, I was like “Okaay, now THIS is good.” Best part of it, the price of only RM12.90 is just at the ideal amount. Definitely worth it.

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And to wash it down, a nice glass of watermelon juice. Just perfect.


Darn, now I’m hungry again.

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