R.I.P Yasmin Ahmad, Malaysia’s Storyteller

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Although I am not a personal friend of Yasmin Ahmad, but her demise felt hard by me and by other fellow Malaysians. Yes, Malaysia has really lost a great and talented storyteller. I have always admired her Petronas advertisements, which her stories create bridges for all races in Malaysia. Be it Malay, Chinese or Indian, she sees us all as one, perhaps her work has been dedicated to 1Malaysia all along, which is only being raised by our current PM recently.


Other than her touching advertisements, her movies are also about bridging Malaysians regardless of race. She is trying to portray how she sees Malaysia through her movies, how simple a Malaysian life can be. She inspire people in her movies and never fails to amuse too, especially with hilarious moments in her movie Sepet when Orked’s parents (Harith Iskandar and Ida Nerina) was dancing in the living room, and the classic hilarious scene that follows. That movie really made me smile, laugh and sad too. Then after watching Sepet, I realised that we can never expect what is coming to us in the end.


What amuses me is that most of her movies was almost being banned in Malaysia. Her movies has been under fire and criticised by Malaysia’s censorship board, Berita Harian and even the Ministry. Sepet was almost banned but managed to go through with several cuts. In the end, Sepet won the Best Asian Film Award in the 18th Tokyo International Film Festival. Her other movie such as Muallaf is also in the process of being a possible ban, which I hope not. Point is, her movies are accepted worldwide but being shoved aside by the local film authorities. WTF?!

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Anyway, there’s no use for me to bitch about the Malaysian film authorities. They are just a bunch of people who don’t know quality even if it hits them on the head. Perhaps it should hit them on the ass instead coz that’s where their actual brain is located. Like I said, no use bitching about them.

Now here’s a little something I would like to share. This happens to be one of my favourite TV commercial done by her. It’s just to show that children don’t see us all in races, only people. I’m sure most of you have seen it on TV or in YouTube but I’ll share it here anyway.

And this is my all time favourite…

This commercial cracks me up every time, but also brought tears to my eyes.



Rest in Peace Yasmin Ahmad, you will be remembered always.

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