The Bad KTM Service

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Just to give a piece of my mind on the dumb ass stupid services provided by KTM.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who is complaining, but the KTM commuter service really need to add more trains to their current line-up.

Imagine if the train is late, the platform would then be packed with lots of passengers not only at where I’m waiting, but also at the other stations as well. And if there’s a lot of passengers waiting especially at the station before mine, the train would already been filled up to the max when it arrives to my station. How to squeeze in after that?

This morning was exactly like that. The train was late, and the platform was full of passengers waiting to get on the train. I think there was more than 50 people waiting at that time. So, I know that the station before mine should be full with waiting passengers too, and the station before that. Due to the lateness, the train was quickly filled up with no room to squeeze in anymore. I had to wait or the next train in order to go in, hence why I’m late for work today. F*ck!

That’s why I’m telling this now. KTM, please add more trains so that we, the passengers, don’t have to squeeze in so tight and standing in the train uncomfortably. All we need is more trains so that we don’t have to wait so long and don’t have to squeeze so tightly anymore.

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I will only say “thank you” AFTER all that is done. So no “thanks” from me for now.

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