A Truly Lazy Sunday

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What can I say. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent the first half of my Sunday at home. This week I decide to stay in and be good instead. Not going out at all. Ok..maybe I’ll go out to the pasar malam later in the evening, but that will be my only outing.

It is raining now, and I can’t remember when was the last time that I simply sit at home and just relax. Hearing the rain splatting on my windows seems so soothing, even the thunder and lighting sounded rather calming. The weather is just perfect to be indoors, cool and very refreshing.

And here I am, sitting by the window during this rainy day, I actually felt relaxed and content. Such wonderful feeling. The wind blowing, the rain pouring, what can be more wonderful than this? Oh yeah, a good cuppa coffee shall hit the spot.

Ron called earlier said that he’s feeling extremely bored and asking whether we can go somewhere to chill while piggy-backing on a free WiFi. Well, there goes my “perfect” Sunday being at home. Come to think of it, in this cool weather, it may be nice to get out and really take in the fresh air.

From where I’m sitting, I can still see the cloudy skies with more chances of rain. I hope it does. I don’t mean to spoil your mood, dear picnickers, but just let it rain today. The Earth needs more cooling off time nowadays.

I’m chilling, staying in at my comfy crib for now. Until the time when Ron comes by to “kidnap” me again. Again? That would be as usual. He gets bored easily so I get “kidnapped” by him most of the time. Damn, that sounded like…so gay. Eww.

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Let me get this straight. We are just going to a place where we can chill and use the free WiFi. Which I don’t really need actually.

Well, he is my best buddy anyway. Hence why we always hangout together.

One final thing. I was supposed to meet up with someone today but in the end, I’m unable to because I can’t. No need for me to explain that here. Maybe I shall blog about that separately.

To “E”, I hope and wish that I can see you some other time…and place.

As for today…it’s just not meant to be…

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