Back to High School

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Yes. It’s back to high school for most of my old school friends last Saturday. But we weren’t there to re-sit our form 5 classes and retake our SPM again. Oh hell no. But we were there to attend the (long overdue) school reunion and gathering.

Actually, I was expecting a whole lot more of the other batch mates, as indicated in Facebook’s event invitation for SMSJ’s confirmed and RVSPed attendees. Those who confirmed their attendance was about 75 of them, but those who turned up was only a handful. So sad. I was really looking forward to meeting up old friends whom I haven’t seen in 16 years.

But I was still happy to see those who attended the event, including the juniors, super juniors (class of 2007), the seniors and the super seniors (class of 1983).

In the dewan that we finally get to use after 16 years.

The event was also held to form the school’s Alumni club and committee. So it was a rather formal kind of event. We had to go through our most forgotten task during the event in the dewan, which was singing the National anthem, the Selangor anthem and also….get this…school’s anthem! We were at least able to sing through the National and Selangor anthem but it was total silence for the school’s anthem. Other than the “super juniors”, the rest of us kept quiet coz we forgot the lyrics. LOL!

The event was followed by an (ugly looking) PowerPoint slide presentation of all the classes ranging from the year 1983 to 2007. What pissed me of…I mean…pissed us off, was that they skipped OUR year and a bunch of other years as well. They showed everything from 1983, but skipped 1992 up until 2000. WTF?!?! Ron and I was so disappointed with that. The person who is in-charged of the presentation memang mau kena one time. Make that two times, one more for the ugly design.

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Soon after that, was the setting up of the Alumni committee and to vote for the various positions. *Boring*. It was so boring that most of us decide to leave the dewan. We let the “super seniors” take up all the available positions instead.

Then we adjourned to the canteen for lunch (or so-called hi-tea). That reminds me a lot like recess time. Ah, this was another disappointment. We paid RM25 for the hi-tea but all we got for our meal were macaroni with bolognaise sauce (nice try), mee hoon goreng, (tiny) fried chicken wings, roti jala with curry chicken and…I think that was it. Plus fruits, cakes and few other sweet stuffs for dessert. So it was like a low-tea instead coz the amount of food served are not high.

RM25? Sigh…

Come to think of it, if we hadn’t pay, no one will notice. Darn!

During lunch time. (photo stolen from Jobina’s Facebook page, can ah Jo?)

After “lunch”, we took a little stroll down memory lane. We had a little tour around the school compound and see what’s new. There were lots of upgrades in the landscape such as new pondok (huts), water fountains, fish ponds, botanical gardens, new computer building and best of all, the upgraded and so-the-very-beautiful new toilets. It was so good looking that I felt like paying 50 cents to use the toilet. (Ron! You didn’t take the picture of the toilet while you were in it?). Blame him for that. 😀

Our school…

The main building and the surau behind it.

A view of the field and a new fountain.

The garden in-front of my old class and the pebble walk that’s in it.

The classroom, actually it’s my class and the staircase area.

A small garden and a fish pond in a gazebo type of place.

While we were making our rounds, we took some photos too…

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Chilling in one of the pondoks.

Ronny and Winnie re-entering class. Wanna study what now?

So, after the tour down memory lane, we had to say goodbye to our school once again. Overall, it was a really nice gathering simply because we get to meet our old friends. All that stuffs about the food being bad, speeches being dull, wasted RM25 and bad PowerPoint presentation were quickly forgotten after we got together and catch up on old times. That was the best gift of all for this year.

I really hope that we can have this similar gathering or reunion again next time, probably on a bigger scale and at a better venue. And also next time, let us hope that at least 80% of the batch mates will be able to come to the event.

Thank you for being there.

Until next time…whenever that is…

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