My Weekly Twitter : 100809 – 160809

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  1. A Truly Lazy Sunday : 1 hour ago from Seesmic
  2. In Old Town White Coffee now with @ronny1976. Chilling out after the rain…nice and cool weather. But the sun is out already tho.about 1 hour ago from Seesmic

  3. I guess it’s just not meant to be…about 4 hours ago from web

  4. Stay in…or go out today? Hmmm…about 7 hours ago from web
  5. Been good today. Came back from work at 4pm, went online till 8pm, cooked dinner, now back online and sleep after this. Not going out.about 19 hours ago from web

  6. Spent 3 hours trying to configure Internet sharing between 2 computers connected via wired/wireless router. Still unsuccessful. T_Tabout 23 hours ago from web
  7. Lazy and bummed today.12:14 PM Aug 15th from web
  8. Why Twitter? Why? : PM Aug 14th from web

  9. Not easy to get back old friends and followers of Twitter. *sigh*5:38 PM Aug 14th from web
  10. Thanks for the RT guys. Now trying to get back my old followers and friends.2:51 PM Aug 14th from web

  11. I got conned into signing up for the “auto-following” site. That caused my d2zone account to get suspended. Trying to get it un-blocked tho.1:11 PM Aug 14th from web

  12. Those who I am following right now, are those from my old “d2zone” account. So follow me again then. d2zone got suspended. T_T12:52 PM Aug 14th from web

  13. Oh well. Throw away the old one. Start anew. Hmmm…macam new years’ resolution lak.12:40 PM Aug 14th from web

  14. My old Twitter account under “d2zone” is totally screwed up. Damn!12:28 PM Aug 14th from web

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