Tweetup @ Al-Rawsha, KL

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I got a message from a Twitter friend who was planning to have a little Tweetup last night for dinner and I thought, why not, I should go. At first I told her that I could not go, so it’s an unconfirmed thing for me. I told Ron about it, and he also said that he could not make it due to his Salsa class that starts at almost the same time as the Tweetup. So I told @xmellyssax and @syazaliyana that I’m still not confirmed for the lil gathering.

Then around 8pm, Ron called me that he has cancelled his class and that he is able to make it to the Tweetup. So I told him to pick me up quickly and rush over to Al-Rawsha Restaurant, KL.

Boy, I’m so glad that we went for the Tweetup.

From left: @hadramie, @xmellyssax, @icednyior, @kazwan (me), @syazaliyana,
@altimet, @ronny1976, @bat, @tekong.

Best thing about it was, I get to meet up with lots of new people, especially those from Twitter. Before this, I only get to see them Tweet, and last night, we get to meet up in person. It was an awesome Tweetup definitely, although there was only about 9 of us. But that lil Tweetup of ours was really meaningful…and fun!

Ron and I certainly had a great time. Also thank you so much to @hadramie for the awesome Haddadcafe. Really nice.

There was of course, lots of photos were taken. We take photos at every opportunity we get.

I think this will be done more in our next Tweetup, perhaps for Buka Puasa or Raya Open House Tweetup. I think we will “serbu rumah @syazaliyana or @hadramie” for that. LOL.

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More photos from the Tweetup…

One thing amazed me. Al-Rawsha serves HUGE portion of food, especially rice. And I can’t believe that @syazaliyana finished her plate of HUGE serving of Lamb Mandy. She must be really hungry. Oh yeah, she was fasting…that’s why. ^_^

Anyway, all of us were glad that we can meet up with each other, for the first time, offline. Good experience for me, and for Ron too I’m sure. I am familiar with the Bloggers gathering but this was my first time attending a Tweetup. Loads of fun I tell you. Everyone was just talking about our Tweets and getting to know each other abit more.

So, we shall meet again at our next Tweetup, with more Tweeple I hope.

More photos in my Facebook album.

Those who feel like having your dinner at Al-Rawsha, here’s the address and detail:


No. 78 Jalan Damai off Jalan Ampang, 55000, Kuala Lumpur [Map]
Rest Tel: 603-2143 9151
Fax: 603-2145 6943
Mobile: 6012-669 2562 /   6012-918 5642

Daily working hours : 12 noon – 2.00 am

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