Why Twitter? Why?

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Just because I don’t update my blog as often as I used to doesn’t mean that I’ve been quiet. There were some few things that has been going on in my life these past few days. Events, dinner, reunion…you name it.

Other than that, my Twitter account under the name “d2zone” has been suspended after I signed up with an auto follow website.

I was conned to sign up for that. Now I’m really hating all those Twitter spammers out there.

I knew it was a mistake to sign up with that but I went on anyway. The result is the suspension of my account. Grrr…

My suspended Twitter page under “d2zone”. &#$&$*^%!

No need for me to scream or curse anymore. Getting back my followers and friends are not that easy. Although I have registered another new Twitter account under the name “kazwan”, I find it rather odd to Tweet as a “new” person.

But okay, I shall take it as a new beginning to a new Tweeted life. The hassle of gaining back my followers is not easy, but I may get some new ones along the way. Just that I’m sad because I have made friends with most of them. They are just simply a bunch of awesome people. Well, you guys know who you are.

Friends and followers, thank you for re-following me. For those who haven’t, please do. I will follow or re-follow you too.

-> www.twitter.com/kazwan

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