Out & About for KL Fashion Week

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Last weekend I spend my time going around town for the KL Fashion Week. First, I was at Gardens Mid Valley for the fashion show there. And then in the evening, I was invited by a friend of mine to attend a fashion show and street performance in Pavilion KL. For now, it’s all about the fashion show. Detailed blog on the entire event is coming up. Still have tons of photos to optimized for web format.

It was quite a tiring day for me. From Gardens and then rush over to Pavilion. Not to mention the traffic jams. Anyway, altogether I managed to take about 800+ of shots for both events. I noticed that I’ve been taking lots of fashion shows and model shots lately. Perhaps that’s what I enjoy doing for the time being. Besides, it’s a lotta fun.

Now, for the photos. Just click on the collage to go to the respective photo albums. ^_^


Photos from Gardens Mid Valley Fashion Show
KL Fashion Week - Gardens

Photos from Pavilion KL Fashion Show
KL Fashion Week - Pavilion

I really did enjoyed the whole event, both of it. Of course the one in Pavilion KL was a lot more happening with invited guest artists performing through the night. It was actually an event organized by Maxis, promoting their new iPhone 3Gs and their new Blackberry phone line-ups. More on the event later.

There you have it. Photos from the events. I placed it in Picasa Web for easy viewing and to save space for my hosting plan. ^_^ Enjoy.

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