Trying My Luck in Photography

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I went for my first ever photo shoot during the Nikon Show at Mid Valley recently. Since I love photography so much, I just thought I’d give it a go and participate in the Nikon Model Photography Contest.

All I have to do is take lots of photos of the models. I never did so many shots before, all this while trying to find nice angles and play with the setting manually. Some shots I got it too dark, some I get too bright. But I don’t want to use the Programmed settings because I want to familiarise with the manual settings. If I don’t use manual, I wouldn’t know its functions right?

Btw, I ended up with a total of 603 photos. And below are the selected few. ^_^

First try on Friday, 16th Oct 2009.

Theme: Freestyle

Nikon-Photoshoot1-KA01  Nikon-Photoshoot1-KA05

Nikon-Photoshoot1-KA04  Nikon-Photoshoot1-KA10

Nikon-Photoshoot1-KA06  Nikon-Photoshoot1-KA12

Second try on Sunday, 18th Oct 2009.

Theme: Wedding

Nikon-Photoshoot2-KA01  Nikon-Photoshoot2-KA02

Nikon-Photoshoot2-KA09  Nikon-Photoshoot2-KA07

Nikon-Photoshoot2-KA15  Nikon-Photoshoot2-KA17

Nikon-Photoshoot2-KA19  Nikon-Photoshoot2-KA22

Nikon-Photoshoot2-KA25  Nikon-Photoshoot2-KA26

Nikon-Photoshoot2-KA29  Nikon-Photoshoot2-KA24


There were a few photography sessions during the Nikon Show. I only went for two which was on Friday and Sunday. It was really a good experience for me.

Anyway, I can only select three photos to be submitted for the contest. Obviously I’m not going to say which ones. But if you are given the chance to choose, which one will you pick?

Please comment and let me know then. ^_^

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3 thoughts on “Trying My Luck in Photography

  1. nice photos there man. did not quite like the bg for some pics (with people at background) but overall.. loving it.

    keep it up ^^

  2. Thanks guys.

    Kusut: I don’t like the ones with people in the background too. But what to do…I was not standing at a nice angle, and was very difficult to move around.

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