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Well, it’s more than halfway into November already and I still haven’t got anything to blog about. Actually, I do. But with all my heavy work at the office tying my down and taking more of my time, I can’t find the time to blog, until today.

The weekend is here again, and yet I’m in the office writing this blog entry. I work on Saturdays, but today I finally have some time off from work as most of my tasks are almost done. The student convocation is next month, and so is the Annual Dinner & Dance. I have many more things to get done until then. Come to think of it, I need to buy new shirts and shoe for that. I am in need for new clothes anyway, ok la then.

It has been raining for the past few days, maybe for almost 2 weeks already. Some say the “winter” season is here in KL. It does seems much cooler nowadays, especially at night. The water is freezing cold whenever I take my shower in the morning. And no, I don’t have a water heater and I’m too lazy to boil water. Whatever it is, I’m loving the cooler weather that we’re having now, but not good if I’m going out for photoshoot.

Speaking of that, I do have many things to shoot, or rather, I want to find some nice location for a photoshoot. It’s been a while since I capture anything other than some student photos for the college. There are a few photography contest that is going on right now, all I need to do is to go out shooting. Where shall I go? Any nice place out there? One of the criteria is to find something that depicts 1Malaysia. Any photo that can describe as 1Malaysia, or unity, or anything along that line.

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Okay, need to go out and find ideas. After all, I’m still an amateur photographer who is in learning mode. (Btw, I learnt something today that if you want to take really good resolution pictures, take it in RAW format. Then you edit from there.)

Off to the streets then.

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