Al-Rawsha #lambtwtup 2010

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It happened again. We had a blast of a time at the #lambtwtup this time around with old and new Twitter friends. The first Al-Rawsha tweetup was done sometime last year during the fasting month with just about 9 of us. But this time around, the #lambtwtup was even bigger and more friends showed up…about 25+- of us. It was an awesome feeling meeting up with new friends (though we may know some for quite a while already virtually on Twitter, but most of us met for the first time in reality last night).


Some of the familiar faces at the tweetup.

This was what I ordered. Roasted whole chicken with bread. Definitely one of the best roast chicken I have ever tasted.


And this was how it looked like, about 1 hour later. I usually eat quite fast, but I did lots of photo taking and chit-chatting with the guys in between munching.

I certainly had a great time dining on the food there, so did everyone else. As usual, Lebanese food always comes in HUGE portions. So for one person to finish a meal, would usually take a while. Hence why we all stayed on till late.

What more and you ask for? Good food, great company. We all left the place with good warm feeling and full tummy.

So, what tweetup shall it be next? Someone suggested SalsaTwtup at @ronny1976’s dance studio. Yes, Salsa, as in the dance, not the food dipping. What say you?

– More photos on my Facebook –> Al-Rawsha #lambtwtup 2010 Album

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