Restart and Kickstart

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February went by in a glimpse. And I think I only blogged once during that time. Yes, I’m babbling away about my blogging again.


I know I used to blog about food whenever I go to some place to eat. I used to love doing some “free” reviews on behalf of the place I dined, be it good or bad. I’d say, I do miss all that alot.

Again, the only thing that is preventing my from blogging is the lack of time…and perhaps subjects. Lacking of time also means I don’t get to go out as frequent as I used to, hence lacking of subjects.


Nowadays, I only hangout at my usual places such as Rasta TTDI, Hartamas Square and Sunway Pyramid. In those places, I only do my usual activity such as chilling out, having shisha, eat and play bowling. So, do I blog about all that every time I go out? I guess not.

Having said that, I really don’t have the time to sit in-front of my laptop and think of a subject. So right now, Posterous and Twitter is helping me alot when it comes to keeping myself updated. With Twitter, I can have my tweets show up on the right sidebar of my blog site, and with Posterous, I can blog a short note and post a picture while on the move. That can at least aid me in updating my blog site from time to time.

That if I want to keep it short and simple.

Okay. Now I’m setting a challenge for myself. I will blog at least once every week about the places I go to, food that I eat, things that I do. Wait…that sounds like my original objectives when I started blogging last time. Oh heck, I do need to kick start again so…yes…it shall be done. Come to think of it, I totally forgot about my main objectives on blogging. Have fun and “Jotz” about anything and everything that happened around me.

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As P. Ramlee said…”Hentam saja lah!”

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