2 Useful Sites That I Recently Came Across

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While I browse the Net every single day, I seldom come across any cool sites that I would utilize on daily basis. Usually I visit those websites that shows cool info about top 10 things, eg: 10 ways to become a great photographer, or 10 interesting wallpapers. Those sites are fun to visit, but I only view them once or twice.

But today I came across 2 sites that I find very useful for daily usage. The sites as follows…

#1 www.weeave.com

Weeave, to my understanding, is a website that combines all popular and leading social networking sites into one place. It even incorporates Twitter and Facebook feeds as well as your email accounts, even POP email. Cool? Yes!


Within Weeave, you can see all your updates in one place. And best of all, you can simply create a status message in Weeave’s default text box to publish to all your other social network site with one click. Easy peasy. I like it because it’s simple and easy to use, although I don’t quite fancy the transparent windows. I can’t really read the text that well. But overall, I’d give it an 8 out of 10.

#2 www.paper.li

Basically, paper.li transform your twitter feeds into a newspaper layout by grabbing all the links from within your timeline and from your followers tweets. From what I see, it is very useful. It can be your “hub” for all the information that is given to you and provided by you. A portal of links that you can check out from one site when you have that free time during office hours. And it made your twitter tweets look a lot cooler too. 🙂

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My paper.li website would be –> http://www.paper.li/kazwan


So far, these were the only 2 websites that I find very useful for me at this moment. I really don’t mind logging on both sites on daily basis just to check out the feeds. Come to think of it, both sites provides feeds in their own special ways. Go ahead and register in either sites or both if you wish to. Of course, it’s free.

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  1. Both websites are fast to load. Both are fun to use. Later I will check out your recommended website. Thanks.

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