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Last weekend (4th April 2010), our circle of twitter buddies had another tweetup session. Instead of heading to Al-Rawsha for our “usual” Arabian Night, we gathered at Carnaval Churrascaria for our very own Brazilian Fiesta tweetup.


Not in particular order: @IcedNyior @SyazaLiyana @rararawr @Khairul @ronny1976 @rainingheaven @ShamHardy @KhirOmar @azri83 @wfxyz @Kruel74 @loveycatz @mrkay2911 @techsupremo @iwanshafiee

Most of the usual tweeps showed up that night, including some new ones. Really awesome to meet you guys.

The Carnaval Churrascaria is an all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ restaurant situated in Damansara Jaya near Atria. They serve some awesome barbequed dishes like lamb, beef, chicken, fish, turkey ham, yummy-licious garlic bread and even barbecued pineapple. ALL of those dishes were awesome. Most of us left the place feeling rather stuffed…or more.  😉

Most importantly, we had lots of fun…

#1 @rararawr and @ronny1976 was busy playing games while waiting for the others.

#2 Definitely won’t be saying no to the lamb shoulder.

#3 The tender barbecued beef, cooked to medium rare. Loving it!

#4 People on the other table, enjoying their meals.

#5 First tweetup (?) for @mrkay2911 and wife.

#6 Cute pose with the super cute baby.

#7 Yes, everyone was feeling happy and stuffed after the meal.

We definitely will be having another tweetup soon. But maybe we might skip this Carnaval restaurant because the food intake would cut us back to about RM50 per pax and also increase our cholesterol. Perhaps we should think of something simpler and healthier. Nevertheless, it was totally worth it.

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What’s next?

One of our tweet buddy, @darnman45 (Mr Bond) has agreed with me that we all can “serbu” his bachelor’s pad for our next tweetup. So I was thinking of a PotluckTwtup where everyone bring something to the venue. At the same time, @darnman45 has also agreed to cook something for us. I don’t confirm this yet. This is just an idea. But maybe we will plan it properly and give more time for proper RSVPs. What you guys think if we have it in the month of June 2010?

@rararawr has also think of having a birthday bash with @techsupremo in Chili’s. Maybe that can be the next tweetup as well. Hmm…

Ok tweeps. Leave your comment(s) and/or feedback(s) for this. Cool?

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