How to Add Facebook’s "Like" in Your Post

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I have found a very useful WP tool, or rather a simple script today while browsing around. You know those “Like” functions you see in Facebook’s status messages, videos or any wall posts? Imagine putting that “Like” button in your blog posts. Once a reader likes your post, it will appear in their Facebook profile under their recent activity as (eg) “Ronny likes So and so page | Jots”.

I think that’s cool.

Facebook do have the code for you to add in your site, but that does not work very well. There is a hacked version of the script that will work in any WordPress installations.

First, open up your single.php from your WP admin site under Appearance -> Editor. Look for a code that says the_content(), and paste the following code before or after the_content(). (You can paste it where ever you feel suitable).