Photo Weekend

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Jalan-Jalan Amek Gambar v2

Last weekend was more of a photography weekend for me becoz I took lots of photos. First, the DCIM Fair is on in MVEC Mid Valley and second, I went for an afternoon photowalk around KL’s town center. I went for the photowalk on Saturday 15th May 2010 and to DCIM show the next day. I wanted to see the show at MidValley first but I guess there will be too many people on Saturday. Besides, the weather was very good for a photowalk that Saturday afternoon.

The photowalk was organised by Pesona Image. This is the second edition of the photowalk that he did, the first was the Jalan2 Amek Gambar – Chow Kit. It was a good experience the first time, but the second time was much better simply because we have a theme to follow. The theme for the photowalk this time was Shadows & Reflections with only 50mm prime lens.


We had a group photograph taken before the photowalk. Everyone was lively and happy. If only I have the photo AFTER the photowalk, you can see all of them half dead, like zombies. LOL!

That Saturday afternoon was very hot and sunny. Hence why we were all feeling very tired after the walk.

Like I said, the theme was Shadows & Reflections, so we all have to take photos that has any of the two criteria or both. And we also have to use only with a 50mm prime lens. Alas, I don’t have a prime lens. So I set the focal length on my lens to 50mm and shoot. As long as I maintain close to 50mm, I’m safe within the needed criteria.

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Some of the photos that I took that day:


#1 – Photographing and photographed.


#2 – Trail of (spot)light.


#3 – Reflecting the world.


#4 – Crossing.


#5 – Side mirror.

We definitely had a great time walking around KL town that day. Lotsa fun! Met some new friends too. More of these types of outing coming up. I’m sure by then we will have more people joining in.

More photos can be seen in my Facebook album.

DCIM Show – Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

On Sunday, we went to another photo outing. But it wasn’t another photowalk. It was the event I was waiting for, the DCIM Show. It showcases all things photography. From digital camera to DLSR camera, from small accessories like lens cap to large items like super-ginormous telephoto lenses. Basically, I was like a kid in a candy store…or toy store…which ever.

I went over to Mid Valley with @rainingheaven and @aiko25. I told @aiko25 that she can get her Canon 1000D’s sensor all cleaned up and the firmware upgraded. She said no more, only the word “let’s go”. I took our baby Nikon for sensor cleaning too.


The cleaning process for Nikon doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. But at the Canon’s service counter, @aiko25 had to wait for 30 minutes before she can pick up her camera. Hmm…maybe because of the firmware upgrade. No upgrades for baby Nikon tho, only cleaning.

After done with cleaning, I took some “test” shots. 😉


#1 – Cute pose.


#2 – “Beli buku bang?”


#3 – Macam marah je tu.

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Okay. I can spot some differences in the photos. It is slightly sharper and vibrant in colour. Me likes!

I had some trouble removing some specks of dust on the sensor the other day. I dare not touch or do anything to it other than puffing air to it using a handheld air pump. I’m happy now that the sensor is cleaned, done by a pro, all that for free!

I must mark on the calendar for future events like these…both photowalks and exhibitions.

And I’ll be sure to blog about it then.

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