What Camera?

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I have been dreaming of owning a DSLR camera for the longest time. In fact, I have dreamt about it since I was a kid. Photography has become my life-long favourite past time or hobby. I even dare to say that I also have deep passion for it.

But during those times, a basic DSLR camera would cost a bomb. Not cheap at all. But thanks to rapid changes in digital age, the price of a basic entry level DSLR camera has dropped tremendously. One can even own a basic DSLR camera starting from only RM1600. Of course, it has to be a Sony (A230).

Next in line for a basic DSLR camera are the Canon 1000D (RM1899) and the Nikon D3000 (RM1950). Price can be cheaper, depending on the reseller.

With all these cameras selling at affordable prices, I should be able to start saving in order to own one…finally.

I have done my research over the years of which DSLR camera to use. I have played around with the Canon 1000D and 50D, and admired the 500D. I have used Nikon D60 (thank you hunny) and tried the awesome Nikon D90 together with D5000. From the basic entry level to the mid-range intermediate cameras. I fell in love with each of them for their own unique features.

It would be a difficult final choice for me when I decide which one I should get. I’ve always loved Nikon. My dream camera is the D90. But the noise reduction feature in the EOS 50D or any Canon EOS for that matter, made me think twice, or three times over.

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Okay. Now I need a camera. Fast. I know there are some photography jobs that are coming my way in these few months. But I don’t actually have a camera of my own. The Nikon D60 I’m using now does not belong to me. Although I’m able to use it most of the time, I don’t feel good knowing that I don’t actually own one. So my confidence level dropped a little bit there.

So, in order to own a camera in short period of time, I may buy the Canon 1000D from a friend of mine who rarely uses the camera. I can say that the camera is under-utilised at this moment. Buying the camera from a friend, means I’m able to make monthly payments. Which is a good thing. I offered to buy it for RM1500, so that would be RM500 each month for three months. Once agreed, I should be having it very soon.

Canon EOS 1000D

But I won’t stop there.

A DSLR camera, is also an investment. Owning one means, more photography jobs, also means more income which leads to more savings to buy a better and (hopefully) final mid-range/intermediate camera. So I consider my first initial “investment” as a stepping stone to bigger and better job opportunities, as part-time basis of course.

Price for Nikon DSLR cameras has dropped recently. And a new Nikon D90, which is my favourite, cost about RM3300 now. That is the latest price that I’ve checked recently. I have been admiring, loving and eager to own this masterpiece since it was launched. To me, it is my ultimate dream camera.

Nikon D90

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The D90 has everything professional built into it, but yet it is also an intermediate user-friendly camera. The quality of photos that comes out from this baby are simply beautiful. Everything about this camera is, to me, near perfect. So being a die-hard Nikon user, there is no doubt that this will be my future camera.

Until this came into the picture…

Pentax K-7

Why, oh why, do I have to read about Pentax cameras? So Pentax came into the picture and now I’m a fan. Sigh…definitely not enough loyalty to Nikon there.

So after reading reviews after reviews about the Pentax K-7, I realised that this camera holds a big potential to be a strong contender to both Canon and Nikon alike. It is dubbed as a rival to Canon EOS 50D and Nikon D300/300s, which are both mid-range semi-pro cameras. Price is about RM4k.

Here is an excerpt from the reviews site:

The Pentax K-7 is the best-ever Pentax DSLR camera and a real challenger to the relative giants of Canon and Nikon. Pentax have seemingly decided to include every “must-have” feature in one camera, with the K-7’s specifications reading like a keen photographer’s wish list.


Pentax has been around in SLR industry since the era of old film cameras. So there is no doubt that Pentax has all the experience needed to surge ahead and be on par with Canon and Nikon. Sony is a newcomer in DSLR, so I’m not worried about them. But Sony’s Alpha series are gaining grounds with the rest of the “seniors” rather quickly.

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One thing about me is that I have this tendency to use or try something different that other people seldom use. I like to be different from the norm. I know there are some loyal Pentax users in Malaysia. I can seek their assistance when I need it. I know Pentax is not as popular as Canon or Nikon. So what? I’ve always convince myself time and time again that beautiful shots came from the person behind the camera, not the camera itself.

So once again, I’m stuck in the same dilemma. Which one to choose?

Don’t be surprise if I decide on the Pentax. Coz I am so loving it right now.

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