North Bound

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I’m heading North again tonight for a friends’ wedding and also my wedding  photography assignment. As usual, my buddies and I prefer night driving because believe it or not, it doesn’t make us feel sleepy. Besides, it is cooler to travel at night anyway and Pantai Remis in Perak is not that far either, only about 2 hours drive.

I have not packed anything yet although it is only a few hours more to my traveling time. Guess I’m used to the last minute packing style. I only bring what I need, just the basic necessities.

I will be taking lots of pictures this time along the way as I am not driving my car. I’ll be hitching a ride with my friend instead so I will have more time to snap some photos. This is a short blog post, just to jot down what my plans are for later in the evening.

More post (and photos) coming soon…after I get back from my trip.

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