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After a (very) long absence from the blogging scene, I am now trying my best to get back on track with my blogging and photography showcase on the web. I can’t remember when was the last time I blogged. I even “lost” my touch in my writing skills. I just can’t write like how I used to. And since my previous (now lost and deleted) blog is mostly in English, I intend to keep it that way. Or not. Perhaps this time I will mix English and Malay so that I can have a little variety in my blog.

I will also see what I can salvage from my old blog database. I may import some of the old articles to this new one. And I will also use an image hosting website to host all my photos this time. I made a mistake of uploading all my photos into my hosted WordPress (WP) blog site last time. And when my domain and hosting services has expired, everything was lost. If I had saved my photos in a photo hosting website, I can at least be able to save my WP database in XML format and import it back to a new one without losing anything. Well, too bad for me.

Now this is a rebirth of my blog. I hope to be back in blogging and find the time to restart my passion for writing. I’m not a storyteller. I don’t really write that well. I just write what comes to mind or what I experience during the day. Some may call it a little bit childish but that’s how I like it. I also love to review stuffs like new softwares or apps or gadgets and everything else that amuses me. You know…geek stuffs. And fishing too!

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Ok, it’s 6am now. Time for bed. Gotta get up later on and see what I can write in my Jotz: The Rebirth.

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