Petrol Price Goes Up Again

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It’s that time again. Today the Malaysian government announced that the petrol price is going to increase by 20 cent per litre starting at midnight tonight. As usual, people are queuing up at the petrol station as early as 6pm after knowing about the price hike via the social media.

Some people think that 20 cents is not much but in a long run, it will cost the people some extra monthly expenditures. Obviously when petrol price goes up, prices of goods will also gradually increase. Everything is going to be expensive in time to come. Monthly expenditures are getting higher. But our salaries remains the same. That is the sad part. This dilemma is faced by almost all Malaysians. Soon we won’t have enough money to drive to work on daily basis. If the local public transportation services are good, then that shouldn’t be a problem. Too bad the public transportation services in Malaysia sucks big time.

So what are your takes on the petrol price hike?

Cars lining up at most petrol stations this evening.
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One thought on “Petrol Price Goes Up Again

  1. Prices of other items will go up eventually. And sooner or later, inflation will be higher. So I would say, to start investing for your future. It’s better to start early as it is flexible. 🙂

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