Revamped and Revived

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Over the past few days (perhaps weeks), I did a slight revamp and I also registered a new domain name for this blog. I’m trying to make it more personal this time around and since I’m trying to revive my blogging hobby, I figured that this will be a good time to clean some old mess up.

I love blogging, I love writing. But over the years the laziness overwhelms my desire to blog, hence why I’ve been a little bit slow. I do hope after all the redesign task and a new domain would help me restart everything all over again.

Wondering why I choose to use the domain name “”? Well, I owned the Photography and Graphic Design company – Ohsem Creative Resources, so I thought I would just use the same name but with “.me” at the back to make it seems personal. Ohsem is a Malaysian slang for the word “awesome”. So after using it to depict an awesome creative company, now I’m using it to lift up my self esteem and to have a meaning like “awesome me”. It’s purely for self confidence sake.

So let’s see how it goes from here.

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