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6 – Google Glass

10 Gadget Gifts - Google Glass

It’s Google freakin’ Glass. Which geek retard would say no to this? Imagine walking along the streets of KL and you can see all the updates and chats and watch videos on YouTube without having to look at your phone. It has a built-in camera, GPS and music player. Basically it’s an Android device that you wear. Ok fine. This shouldn’t be on the list because it won’t be available yet and still in its testing phase. But but…this would be cool to have right?

7 – GoPro Hero 3

10 Gadget Gifts - GoPro Hero 3

This is not exactly a geek’s gadget but it’s a damn cool gadget nonetheless. GoPro Hero3 has already proven to be the best selling camera in the world this year. The images and videos taken with this device it truly out of this world. It has traveled underwater and into the deep ocean, it has taken some awesome bullet-time video and also been to the edge of space. And me being a photographer, this wide angle focal point baby is a must have for photography and videography enthusiast. Videos taken by GoPro are truly awesome. The HD quality is almost flawless. I can’t believe that such a small gadget can produce such high quality videos. An eye popping experience!

8 – Archos Gamepad 2

10 Gadget Gifts - Archos Gamepad 2

I don’t usually play games on my Android phone. But I don’t mind an Android powered gamepad. The Archos Gamepad 2 is a fully functional touch screen Android device with WiFi connectivity. So you can actually play any online games for hours and then check your Facebook afterwards while waiting for your dizziness to die off. If you like the Sony PSP, then you will love the Archos Gamepad. Games can be downloaded as usual from Google Play. And having one of this gamepads will occupy most of your time and reduce productivity. So beware of its awesomeness.

9 – PowerUp 3.0

10 Gadget Gifts - PowerUp3

What does a paper plane has got to do with this? Why is it a geek’s gadget? Oh wait. It is what comes with it that matters. PowerUp 3.0 is definitely a geek’s gadget. And it’s my kind of gadget. What it does is that it will “power up” the paper plane, hence the aptly named device, and you can actually fly it. It is controlled using an iPhone either via WiFi or Bluetooth (this I’m not sure) and most of it is by using the iPhone’s gyroscope functions. You tilt the phone to the left to turn left, tilt the phone upward to go up and so on. This is so cool. I’m not a pilot but I’ve always wanted to fly a plane. Well, this is close enough. See it in action.

10 – Nokia Lumia 1520

10 Gadget Gifts - Nokia Lumia 1520

I have to include this one in because I love it. I was a Windows Phone user with the Lumia 800 and during that time, Windows Phone platform doesn’t support most of the apps that I use in Android, so I temporarily abandon the phone. But now Nokia and Microsoft is coming back really hard with this one. The Lumia 1520 will be the first quad-core platform (finally) by the Finnish company and powered by the most powerful and current future proof hardware, similar to the one that is powering the Nexus 5. We kept hearing stories about iOS and Android battle in the past, now we shall see whether this Lumia beast is a potential contender in the mobile OS battle. I do have a battle of my own. The decision whether to stick to Android or switch back to WP platform. Darn you.

So there you have it. My personal take on 10 items that you can get for gadget geeks like me. If you don’t have any ideas on what to get for your friends, good thing you found this blog. I know some of the items mentioned are not available here in Malaysia but we can always make an online purchase. And again, I’m not asking for these stuffs. It’s just a list. But you’re free to buy any of them for me if you want…out of pure kindness of your heart. :-p

Happy shopping!

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