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We are now in the last month of the year and usually this is the time when (almost) everyone is out shopping for gifts. Yes. Christmas is around the corner and this is also the month where most people go broke for the last time in the year.

Not that it’s a bad thing. For some, it’s when most companies will give bonuses to their employees. Well, only for those lucky ones I guess. And when that happens, most of them will be “attacking” the shopping malls for their shopping spree, whether they be buying things for themselves or for others. Gifts will be exchanged between friends and families. Some are useful, some are thoughtful and some are downright useless…sometimes. But what can you get or buy for a tech geek? Or a gadget freak like me for instance? Guess what. This blog post will provide you with 10 gadget gifts list for someone who can’t get enough of tech gadgets. And this list is actually what some of the gadget geeks would want….I think.

Before we go to the top-10 items, this is not a hint from me or whatsoever but if any of you want to buy them for me, I be more than happy to receive them with much love (and excitement).

On with the list…in no particular order.

1 – Google Nexus 5

10 Gadget Gifts - Google Nexus 5

Why? Because most tech geeks like to play with their gadgets. Because geeks like me would want to explore and push this device to its full potential. I did a lot of rooting and installing custom ROMs in my previous Android phones. I can’t really remember how many times I reformat my phones just because I want to try out new OSes such as CynogenMod, MIUI, Carbon ROM, Ubuntu and LewaOS on my phone. And because the Nexus 5 is also a developers’ phone, updates and new functions will be pushed to this device first, before everyone else. Think of it as the iPhone version of Android. And it gives the purest Android experience that is powered by the latest and best hardware specifications.

2 – Sony Playstation 3

10 Gadget Gifts - Sony Playstation 3

Wondering why I didn’t mention the new PS4? Because of the games. No doubt that the PS4 is a beautiful console with awesome graphics. But for the time being, it doesn’t have much games to support. And I’m assuming that the games will be very expensive here in Malaysia once it gets popular, but guess what? Games for PS3 will be cheaper by then. Ahh…good strategy. Another reason is that I never met a geek who doesn’t play games. Yep…point taken.

3 – Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12 Portable Speaker

10 Gadget Gifts -  bang olufsen beolit 12

First of all, don’t be mistaken because this is not a lunch box. Although it may look like one but don’t expect to find a sandwich or a slice of pizza in it. This thing is heavy. But it’s portable. And it’s packed with wholesome power to tune your eardrums. It can be powered by batteries or from a power outlet. You can either plug-in your iPhone/Android/MP3 player via the aux input, or stream your music wirelessly via its built-in Bluetooth function. Mind you, the sound that comes out from this baby really packs a punch, but not lunch. Yes, I heard the sound that this baby produced and all I can say is, it was music to my ears…literally. Price is a little bit on the high side but hey, bonus right? Visit Bang & Olufsen site.

4 – Apple Products

10 Gadget Gifts - Apple

Why? Because nobody in their right mind will say no to an Apple product. And I’m not an Apple fan. Done.

5 – Smart Watches

10 Gadget Gifts - SmartWatches

What’s the use of having a smartphone but you don’t have a smartwatch to go with it right? This will definitely make you feel smarter after wearing it. There are so many smartwatches emerging right now. Samsung have already launched their Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Sony have their own version of smartwatch. But the best smartwatch of 2013 according to some polls done on the Internet is the Pebble SmartWatch. Pebble is compatible with any smartphones regardless if you’re using iOS or Android. Its functions are simple and most of all, it works better than the others. Smartwatches are really gaining its popularity among tech geeks and consumers. So this will make a good gift too.

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