LRT and Monorail to Increase Fares


So here it is again. More and more news about the rise of cost of living in Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas. Almost on daily basis that we hear about prices hitting the ceiling. Cost of almost everything is rising and not showing any signs of slowing down. The only stagnant monetary matter that we know are not increasing are our own salaries. Sad but true.

Earlier this month, TNB raised the electricity tariff from 35.54 cents/kWh to 38.53 cents/kWh. And a few months back the petrol price was also raised from RM1.90 per litre to RM2.10 per litre for RON97. All of us felt the pinch as soon as they announced the price hike. Now in today’s news, another price is going up.

minyak1As of 2014, fares for LRT and monorail are expected to be increased. Of course, this mode of transportation runs on electricity and because the price of electricity has been increased, everything else are effected. I usually won’t rant too much but I take the commuter and the LRT every single day. This will definitely tear a hole in my pocket even more. If the main reason for the price hike is solely about the electricity price hike, then I can relate to it. But in the newspaper, the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) chairman kept going on about the increased price doesn’t only happen in Malaysia, but in other countries as well.

Fine. The last revision on price increment for LRT in Malaysia was done 10 years ago. He said the price of petrol in other countries are reviewed each year and our closest neighbour, Singapore, are reviewing the price every year. But do we actually have to follow others countries? Just because other countries are reviewing the transportation prices, we have to follow them too? What a bunch of lemmings! So when other countries fall, we will fall too simply because we follow others.

Sigh. Sugar price are up too. And the government is imposing the GST tax next year. When we rant about not having enough for ourselves, they blame us for being such big spenders and buying unnecessary things. The government have to rethink about what they said. Are we spending on unnecessary things or are they?


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