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Can I say “finally”? We have been waiting for this for a long time I guess. Every diehard Nokia fans our there are waiting for this. Android is finally coming to Nokia.

I was not a Nokia fan until I used the Lumia 800. Although it is on a Windows Phone platform, the hardware and the feel of the phone is superb. Every inch of the phone felt solid and with it’s Clear Black display, everything seems beautiful. I can say that I fell in love with the hardware and design. But it is lacking the popularity among the users. Not like it was during their prime era of Symbian phones.

Nokia fans were disappointed when they found out that Nokia is not adopting Android as their main mobile OS. I was disappointed too. But today I found out that Nokia is finally adopting Android for their new 2014 smartphone line up. I hope this goes through for real.

The Android devices are being worked on as a mid-range smartphones for now. It is to be the Asha for Android, as to what is written in the Android Community website. Nokia employees were told to go ahead on developing the phone for the masses. The hardware division of Nokia now belongs to Microsoft, but somehow Nokia has started developing the Android device, codenamed “Normandy”. Specifications for the phone is still unknown but with the hardware that are powering some of the Nokia Lumia phones, we know they won’t disappoint us.

Let’s just wait for whatever surprise Nokia have for us with next year.

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