Edison: Intel’s New PC The Size Of An SD Card


With this, we are looking ahead to more wearable gadgets in 2014. Intel has revealed a tiny PC called “Edison” at the size of an SD card, powered by a dual core processor. It is said that the tiny PC is a “full Pentium-class PC” at a shape and size of an SD card. Yes, that’s the card which we use in our digital cameras.


Edison is running on Linux, and it has a built-in WiFi connectivity as well as Bluetooth. There’s a specific app store made by Intel especially for Edison.

How does it works? Here’s an excerpt from

To demonstrate the potential for Edison, Intel showed a concept for a “Nursery 2.0.” In the concept, a baby was wearing a Mimo onesie outfitted with sensors tracking things like temperature, and Edison was used display that information on, of all things, a coffee mug. When the baby was comfortable, blinking lights on the mug show a happy green smiling face, but when something is wrong that face turns red. A much more useful application, however, involved using Edison to switch on a bottle warmer when your baby starts to stir, that way it’s ready come feeding time.


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