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ubuntu-logo14I have always been a fan of Linux. but honestly I know nuts about Linux commands. I have experienced Linux since the early RedHat days as well as other Linux Distros. I have used Suse, Mandrake/Mandriva, Debian, Mint, Fedora, Knoppix and many other distributions. But the easiest and the most extensively supported Linux distro now is Ubuntu. I picked up using Ubuntu since version 6, I think. Throughout the years they have been improving and supports more and more PCs and devices. Now with the release of their latest version, they fully support the touchscreens and tablets…and in high-resolution.

The new Ubuntu 14.04, code named Trusty Tahr is part of its long term support series which means it will receive support and security updates for five years rather than the usual nine months.

What makes Trusty a huge deal for Canonical is that it finally makes the OS ready to use on touchscreens, high DPI displays and tablets. Until now Ubuntu didn’t scale properly on high resolution displays. – Engadget

Now I’m wondering if I can install this version into any tablets out there, probably a Windows based tablet like Samsung Ativ Smart PC. It is using the standard hardware that supports Windows 8, I would assume that it may work like how we would install it in a normal PC. I don’t know but I will dig deeper into this. One thing for sure, the Ubuntu 14.04 is packed with tons of improvements to its touchscreen support and I foresee that some of the next tablets coming up in future will come with Ubuntu.


In Malaysia, there is a support group who handles any technical assistance to those who are new with Ubuntu. You can also sign up in their website to get any latest news on Ubuntu or join in any events that they may have. For this, just visit the Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team website.

So why not give Ubuntu a try? Some may like it, some may not and some may lost their ways in the OS. But trust me, this is a beautiful OS and very easy to learn. Just an alternative to what we are used to and best of all, it’s totally free. Download Ubuntu 14.04 now.

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