Slight Delay

I know I have not been updating my blog much often. Not that I don’t want to either. But my home PC’s hard disk decided to stop working and most of my “life” that was stored in the hard disk is gone.


It was only about a few days before it happened when I was relaying Twitter messages with one of my friend from Twitter about how bad it is to lose data from the hard disk. He just got himself a Solid State Drive that broke his bank but knowing that his data is safe in the SSD is worth the money spent. SSDs can store data for a very long time, almost forever. No moving parts in it so we know that we won’t have any issues with the drive not working, ie: burned out motor or faulty read and write needle, typical problem with a normal HDD.

I told him that I should get one too before anything bad happens. Alas, it was too late. My HDD crashed big time before I can say “copy”.

So right now many things are delayed such as my review on the new Gphone with a true octa core prossesor. Luckily I managed to save the phone’s photos which is still in my camera’s memory card but not the screenshots taken with the phone as well as some photos taken with it. Damn.

Lesson learnt. I do have an external backup drive but I didn’t manage to save some of my latest work. But one thing for sure, I am going to get myself a Solid State Drive. Better be safe (and broke) than sorry.

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