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That time of the year has come again. I feel like it was only a few months ago that we celebrated the last Hari Raya. Time flies really fast and before I knew it, fasting month has begun.

I remember the last Hari Raya very clearly. I remember it because I was alone. That was the year when my parents decided to embark on their journey to Mekah, Saudi Arabia by land. I was left behind and I celebrated Aidilfitri without them around. Their journey was halted before they can even reach China (via Laos). Apparently any foreigners who wants to drive inside China must have a guide to travel with them. And the cost for a guide? About RM25k. So their dreams were shattered and they head back to Thailand and then to Malaysia. After traveling close to 10,000km by land in my dad’s 15 year old Pajero, they finally arrived back in Kuala Lumpur sometime in September 2013. I went over to Hadyai to meet up with them and we spend another week in Songkla before making our way back home. That’s when I took over the wheel and brought them home safely. (Read the history on their journey. They even have a Facebook Page.)


Fast forward to 2014, Ramadhan is here again. Same time last year they left me. But this year they are with me again. I couldn’t be more happier. After celebrating one Aidilfitri without a family, this time around I have my family back. It was a good run for them. They tried to cross China and make their way to Mekah. But God has other plans for them. InSya Allah I will be able to send them to Mekah without them having to drive there. But I know my dad very well. He loves the adventure. It was it dream. But yeah, they tried…and they managed to reach the China border on their own. Mind you, they were both 73 years old when they went on their journey. Not many people can do that, but they did. Nevertheless, I’m still proud of them for their achievements.

So here’s to the new Ramadhan. Things will be back to normal for me…or maybe different.

Ramadhan Mubarak! Have a good one.

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