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Samsung and Dropbox have teamed up and recently announced that they are giving out FREE additional 50GB of cloud storage space for every new purchase of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Some of you may already have an extra 25GB of space on Dropbox when you purchase other Galaxy branded devices, you will still be able to enjoy another additional 50GB of cloud space. That means you will have up to 75GB of cloud space on Dropbox. How cool is that?

aboutus_graphic-vflH22cENHaving a cloud storage is almost an essential nowadays. Instead of only having to keep your data or photos on your smartphones, you can also sync it online. All this can be done automatically. As for Dropbox, you have to activate the online sync from within the Dropbox settings. So then any photos that you take will be uploaded to the cloud and therefore storing a backup photo for you online. You can then view that photo from your laptop or PC if you installed the Dropbox software in your machine(s). It will also sync the same data throughout all your devices.

I have been using Dropbox since its first launch. I can safely say that I’m a loyal user of Dropbox. It’s a safe place for me to remotely keep my captured photos to view them later on another device. Or in case if I lost my phone, my photos are still sitting in Dropbox’s server peacefully.

Head on to the official press release for the Samsung + Dropbox partnership for further details.

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