Smartwatch – 5 Ways On How It Can Effect Our Daily Lives

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Being a tech geek and gadget enthusiast, I always look for something new and exciting. From the time I owned my first “smartphone”, the O2 Xphone II based on Windows Smartphone OS to the latest Android, I will find a way to make the best out of what my devices can do. But all those can only be done in the big metal slab in my pocket.

I’m not saying that having a smartphone is a disadvantage but phones are not getting any smaller unlike in the late 90’s. During the old days, phone were huge. Then it gets smaller and smaller until we can’t really see it when you’re holding it in your hand. But now it gets bigger…and way bigger. Like the Galaxy Mega (I’m not talking about Tabs here).

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Now, imagine leaving that huge slab in your pocket or in your bag while you’re reading text messages? The era of the Jetsons is here. Smartwatches are popping up everywhere like mushrooms. From one of the first smartwatch maker Pebble, to the most recent being an Apple iWatch.

But the enthusiasm somehow hasn’t been great. It is still moving up rather slowly. Consumers are still wondering whether it will be a good investment to make that purchase or not. Maybe not for now.

But when it becomes popular in near future, I foresee some effects that it may happen in our daily lives.

1. You will be notified

Imagine having a device strapped around your wrist that will notify you about that dentist appointment you made some time ago. Or a notification about meeting with a potential client pops up on your wrist. Or more importantly, a reminder to get an anniversary gift for your girlfriend/wife that can potentially save your life. Yes, you can instantly and constantly be reminded of what you should do on daily basis…without the extra nagging.

2. The phone stays in your pocket/bag

Technically you can safe time by leaving your phone in your pocket or bag to check on text messages, emails, missed calls or to look at the time. But there will be no such excuse like saying that you didn’t hear to phone ring when avoiding calls from your girlfriend or wife. Else you will get a nice imprint in the shape of a smartwatch on your forehead.

3. You will get healthier

Want to go for a jog without the extra weight in your pocket? Some may use an arm strap to keep their phones in but some will hold it in their hands with a huge potential of dropping it. No problem on that one either when you have a smartwatch around your wrist. You can still check for messages and emails on the go while jogging. You can even take pictures of the scenery when you happen to see some hills around you. And then take a selfie when you bump into a tree while looking at those hills. Thanks to some useful apps that is available, you can check your heartbeat rate and call for medical assistance if needed.

4. Your voice will be better

To use the voice command on your smartwatch, you must have a good and clear voice. Phonetics accuracy is important when giving commands to your wrist…I mean, smartwatch. You will then have no choice but to speak clearly so that your smartwatch will easily understand your commands. This way, you can safe time by “writing” an email without having to physically typing it manually. And it’s not easy to type on a smartwatch because the screen is small. Other voice commands that you can do is having it to call someone for you. Imagine if you don’t have a clear voice and you wanted to call your colleague to tell him that you will be late for work but unknowingly your smartwatch calls your boss instead because they both have almost similar names. And the moment the line goes through you immediately say “Don’t tell our ass of a boss that I’m still not in the office ok?”. What happens then will determine whether you will be in the office or don’t come at all. So with a good and clear phonetic, you will be able to command your smartwatch correctly. And your phonetics will get better in time and hopefully your future boss will like you because you have a good voice.

5. Transform you into a rude person

This will happen. Rude here means that you will be glancing at your wrist more times in a day as opposed to wearing a normal watch. Imagine yourself sitting in a job interview. And while the interview goes on and your future employer is being serious, you get a notification and you will glance at your wrist. Your interviewer will say “Do you have to be somewhere?”. But after explaining to him that it’s a smartwatch, he may or may not be intrigued by it. Another scenario is when you’re out on a date with your girlfriend/wife to a nice dinner somewhere. She is having a nice romantic moment with you and talking about serious matters. But instead of being serious, you glance at your smartwatch more times than you glance at her. What do you think she would do? Well, prepare for another imprint on your forehead.


There are many other things what a smartwatch can do that effects our daily lives. But I only list 5 of them which I think will have the biggest impact. How you use it may not be the same as how others use it. In my view on what I think it will be like, send a clear picture on how a small technological wonder can change many of our daily routines.

If you have any other ideas on what a smartwatch can do that effect our daily lives, do leave your idea in the comment. Some readers may want to know what others think about this too. Thank you for your time.

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